Monday, November 11, 2013

Comments on Veterans Day

I worked at a national park site, developing various social media posts. It took months to create the social media plan and that plan included having a set amount of ready-to-go interpretive posts (those were in addition to the posts that would be created on the fly, inspired by events and activities happening at that moment). Holidays proved easy to create those pre-planned posts. Picture, fact or quote, "Happy [whatever holiday we are celebrating today]!" and bam: we've got some content. That worked well especially considering holidays meant more visitors and less staff. The last thing (generally) a front-line interpreter is thinking about is developing an interpretive post.

I still follow a ton of parks on Facebook and Twitter. I used to follow them just to see what they were posting, how they were posting, and if there was any content that we could connect with them from our site. Now I follow all of them just because. On patriotic holidays, my feeds are jamb-packed with American flags. Season changes mean lots of picture of trees. Trees! Today meant Veterans Day posts. I knew it was going to happen. Heck, I even posted something acknowledging the holiday. As I scrolled down, this post caught my eye:

Look! There are even ladies wearing cute hats! Any time I see an historic photo, my eye automatically stops (unlike when I see those pictures of trees... my eyes tend to keep going). The photo is pretty good. The idea is pretty good. I'm pretty familiar with the story, having worked there for years and volunteer there, currently. So far this morning, the photo has fourteen shares and sixty-five likes. That's pretty good. However, the most poignant thing about this post comes from one thought-provoking question in the comments section:

 This virtual visitor made a quality point. Let us remember those veterans who served to protect this nation and the free thinking individuals within and the fact that those free thinking individuals have the right to share ideas. Happy Veterans Day.

*Mostly out of habit, but here it is: all thoughts contained within this post are my own and do not reflect that of the National Park Service.

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