Monday, July 1, 2013

A few things about my last post

I was so excited that Chris agreed to write a guest post here and do you know what I did? I fumbled it.

Chris, I am so sorry for not posting it correctly in the first place! I have tried to remedy the photos (and font), but there are still a few funky things going on here. Pleeeeease forgive me (and give me another chance to post a better one! Your writing was great! My delivery was not so stellar).

As of yesterday, I finally have my computer hooked to real internet. For the past several months, I had been operating with internet from the sky (and that was always iffy so I began to ignore any screen time to decrease my stress levels). Then during these past few weeks, I had been traveling around and moving, operating with my phone and an iPad. As it turns out, iPads and posting things to blogs do not mix. I posted Chris's guest post through that iPad. I could see photos great on it, but he mentioned they weren't loading properly. I got distracted then BAM- two weeks passed. FINALLY, I could sit down and start thinking only to discover not only had I let a friend down but that I let that friend down publicly for two weeks on this blog. (And I cannot figure out how to get that font to a normal size).

What do you say, Chris? You've got some amazing ideas I'd (still) like to see shared. I've got something to prove. Let me know when you want to share next. I'll do right by you this time.


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